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How Minetale Modders are rewarded

All registered and approved mods in Minetale will have many opportunities to make money through our network. All mods can open their own custom shop in-game near the spawn area and will make a profit based on how popular their shop is. The money comes directly from the server fee profits (and other streams of revenue) and is allocated to developers that contribute to the game. Modders can also make money from donations and affiliate marketing through the Minetale API network. On top of all this if Minetale modders get new sales through their promotion code, then they will receive 20% of the net sale profits.

The Formula is based on New User Profits, Mod Popularity, and Total Popularity

Minetale API is a division of the Minetale Network with a focus on rewarding modders and making modding mainstream. As the network expands, the developers thrive. Unlike curse forge modders aren't just rewarded from downloads. They are rewarded by contributions, popularity, and game revenue.

What is Minetale API?

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How Minetale Servers are rewarded

For every Minetale sale with your affiliate marketing code or server, you will be given 20% of that sale. For every additional sale, a multiplier is added that expands your revenue on a monthly basis. Including mod shops in your server can generate extra income. If you vouch to have mod shop(s) your server will be promoted. 



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API Terms

Minetale API is directly associated with Minetale and includes all terms listed in the Minetale Terms of Service. Minetale does not own or redistribute all registered mods. By registering your mod, you allow Minetale to use your mod for all in-game purposes (if at all). If you don't want your mod to be used by Minetale you must contact our support staff on discord to address your concern. Reasons including "download clicks" on curse forge will be ignored. Minetale is actively working towards providing a system for the launcher to retrieve mods directly from curse forge every time it is installed to the launcher. However, unless directly stated in a mods description or terms 'This Mod Is Not Allowed To Be Used In Mod Packs' all Mod Pack developers are open to use of your mod. Mojang prohibits Mod Developers from making money off of their mods internally so there is no way around this. We have the right to use all mods that are open to public use and have not indicated 'No Modpack Use Allowed'. Disputes regarding mod usage by Minetale can follow our guidelines in the official Minetale Terms of Use. 


Key takeaways:

- We have all rights to use mods that have not indicated the opposite

- We do not need to seek permission for Mod Usage that has no explicit text that says otherwise (Direct messaging our developers and disrespecting our staff will not change this)

- If you make public software for a game that you do not own, your software and monetary value follows by the company terms (Mojang)

- Asking for permission to use a mod is a privilege, not a requirement

- Threatening our team or company will not help your case

Click here for all Minetale terms